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Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Services in Michigan and Ohio

From x-rays and ultrasounds to electrocardiology and echocardiograms, Ultra-X Imaging is your comprehensive solution for mobile diagnostic imaging services. Using leading-edge technology combined with our own UltraLynk® platform, we can perform diagnostic imaging health services for you from the comfort of your own home. Our teams bring all the equipment to you so there’s no need to travel long distances or wait in line at physical buildings. We currently serve major cities in Michigan and northern Ohio, with our reach expanding monthly.

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Ultra-X Imaging

Ultra-X Imaging’s services have benefited hundreds of individuals who may otherwise experience physical or psychological difficulty with an exam outside their home. Our work provides fast reporting and easy retrieval, ensuring your doctor can review your results in just hours. Our mobile diagnostic imaging services in northern Ohio and Michigan are the most convenient way to receive the diagnostic imaging services you need. Contact us to set up an appointment!

Ultra-X Imaging offers the most efficient and reputable 24/7 mobile x-ray and ultrasound services to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, patient homes, and correction facilities. 


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Ultra-X Imaging offers hospital-quality imaging services at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, government healthcare facilities, physician offices, and in-home care.