Medical Diagnostic Imaging for Senior Home Care

High-quality Medical Care

Making high-quality medical care available for seniors in assisted living communities can sometimes be challenging. The difficulties associated with transporting those in need to nearby hospitals for specialized procedures may cause important diagnoses to be delayed or ignored until health concerns have worsened. With our medical diagnostic imaging for senior home care on an as-needed basis, Ultra-X Imaging brings the services and convenience to the patient, instead of the other way around. Read below for additional details on why and how we offer this model of care.

Excellent Patient Privacy

Patient privacy is central to all we offer with our medical diagnostic imaging for senior home care in Michigan and northern Ohio. Whether your clients face physical obstacles attending hospital-based care or don’t want to leave familiar surroundings, or both, we meet you where you’re at. Patients who may normally be understandably reluctant to engage in medical screenings feel safe, comfortable, and reassured with our technicians’ help.

Flexible Service Model

Do you or your clients need periodic medical screenings? We can handle that easily. Are you in need of multiple diagnostic screenings that contribute to a holistic diagnosis? Our technicians are pros at this. No matter the type or frequency of portable diagnostic screening services you need, Ultra-X Imaging is the professional resource you can trust. We can work with your team to set up a schedule for your facility or maintain ongoing communication as-needed.

Simple and Faster Results

In most hospital settings, receiving your medical screening reports can take days, or even longer, depending on staff workload and internal processing requirements. Through our medical diagnostic imaging for senior home care in Michigan and northern Ohio, your clients can benefit from simple screenings and faster results. With the convenience of individual patients receiving the dedicated services they need on the schedule that suits them, our teams can process screenings quicker, allowing doctors to diagnose sooner.  

Medical diagnostic imaging services for senior assisted living has never been easier than with Ultra-X Imaging. Send us a message or call us now to discuss appointment details or long-term care options.