Mobile Echocardiogram Services


Whether it’s your first time getting an echocardiogram or you’re looking for more convenient solutions as part of ongoing medical care, Ultra-X Imaging can help. We offer Doppler echocardiograms, which—by measuring extremely high-frequency sound wave reverberations—allow precise identification and diagnosis of blood flow-related problems in the heart. Due to the physically personal nature of getting an echocardiogram, we’ve built our entire business model on offering portable diagnostic imaging. Read below to learn more about our mobile echocardiogram services available in Michigan and northern Ohio.

Enhanced Patient Comfort

Many medical tests require the patient to be physically present at a hospital or other screening facility. With our mobile echocardiogram services in Michigan and northern Ohio, you can get screened from the comfort of your own home. Echocardiograms require the use of a special gel that improves equipment readouts, the machine that records the information, and the transducer which transmits the soundwaves. Whether a patient is currently facing physical difficulties or simply prefers an optimally private location, our services deliver the necessary information without leaving one’s home.

No Long Lines or Complicated Scheduling

The healthcare industry has only grown over time, and with this size often comes lengthy wait times, limited specialist availability, or burdensome scheduling requirements. Brick-and-mortar facilities can only handle so many patients at one time, and this can be an inconvenience if you need medical reports quickly. By using our services, you can have a trained specialist at your home or living facility when it’s convenient for you.

Faster Screening Reporting

In traditional healthcare scenarios, medical imaging is usually done in-house or at a designated third-party screening facility. Unfortunately, due to the typical workload a majority of medical technicians face, it can be days until you receive notice that your screening has been processed. This wait time may be lengthened if a third-party provider is handling the screening, as they have their own quotas and benchmarks to hit. By getting a mobile echocardiogram with Ultra-X Imaging, you can bypass these lengthy wait times. Once an in-home screening is complete, your doctor often receives the report in just hours.

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