Portable X-Ray Services


Convenience-driven healthcare technology has advanced to such an astounding extent that what was only a dream a few years ago has become reality. One such area of medical advancement is portable diagnostic imaging, which ensures the patient and his or her needs are at the center of all screenings. Through our portable x-ray services currently available in Michigan and northern Ohio, we’re able to provide simple, fast, and secure x-rays without you needing to leave your home. Read below for three primary benefits this service offers. 

x ray

Maximum Convenience

Traditional x-ray services require patients to physically show up at their nearest hospital or third-party imaging facility to get screened. Depending on how close one’s nearest facility is, patients may spend anywhere from one to two hours driving, checking in, getting the test, and returning home—and that’s a conservative estimate. With our portable x-ray services in Michigan and northern Ohio, our healthcare professionals bring their services and our equipment to you. No more waiting in long lines, no more plans getting canceled, and no more need to drive back and forth for simple tests.

Faster Screening and Results

Many times, diagnostic screenings are woefully time-intensive processes. Beyond the time required to wait in line for available technicians and the time spent on the exam itself, receiving your report sometimes takes days. With Ultra-X Imaging, it’s only a few hours before you and your doctor have full, secure access to all your test results. This ensures critical decisions can be made sooner by the health professionals you rely on.

Greater Patient Comfort

Diagnostic imaging services are used for dozens of purposes and with patients of a wide variety of ages and health conditions. This means that not every patient has the same mental or physical capacity to easily make it into a hospital building or third-party imaging facility. By using Ultra-X Imaging’s home x-ray services, you or your family members can receive the specialized healthcare you need without a change of environment. This benefit is particularly advantageous to the elderly and patients facing memory-related difficulties.  

Get the full scope of portable x-ray services you need from the comfort of your own house. Contact us today for additional details!