Mobile Ultrasound Services


Ultrasounds are used for a variety of medical purposes but most namely to retrieve internal views of patients’ organs, such as the liver, kidneys, thyroid, eyes, or uterus. Due to the technological setup required and the personal nature of an ultrasound, some patients don’t always feel comfortable leaving their homes for a screening. It’s for this reason and numerous others that we offer mobile ultrasound services in Michigan and northern Ohio. Read below for three primary reasons a mobile ultrasound offers the convenience you’ve been looking for with no loss to quality healthcare.

Exceptional Convenience

A large number of medical procedures require the patient to be physically present at a hospital or other brick-and-mortar service provider. Because of this, many low- to medium-urgency procedures are delayed or put off entirely due to travel or physical difficulties a patient may be experiencing. With our mobile ultrasound services in Michigan and northern Ohio, we come to you with all the necessary equipment.

Whether it’s your first time receiving an ultrasound for any reason or you’ve been through the process before, our specialists will help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and prepared. This simple and medically powerful service allows your screening information to be securely submitted to your doctor, who can review it as soon as they’re able.

Safer and More Accurate

Since ultrasounds don’t rely on radiation to produce results, they are the preferred medical imaging approach in a variety of circumstances. By using high-frequency soundwaves to produce live images from within a patient’s body, our in-home ultrasound services are minimally invasive and produce results within hours. Using our in-home ultrasound services allows you to have highquality medical reports generated without negative health side-effects or long lines at the hospital.  

Fast Processing and Results

Depending on a hospital’s imaging workload at any given time, it often takes multiple days for them to get the results to your physician. If your doctor or hospital has utilized the services of a third-party imaging facility before, this can mean additional days until you receive reports. Our portable ultrasound services process your images swiftly and securely, meaning your doctor will have access to them in a matter of hours.

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